Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Reading Style - Due November 19

Write a one-page reflection on your reading style and share it with your classmates.


  1. My reading style is active.I truly enjoy reading,but I tend to rush through a book.I also tend to fixate on a word or phrase.I now know that I need to change the wayI read.I need to look up words that I don't know the meaning of instead of trying to guess what the words mean.I need to slow down and take small breaks.I need to do this so that I can remember what I've read.I think this will help me with my test.I will also use my highlighter to highlight important passages.I feel these changes are important to my college career and will better prepare me for exams.

  2. My reading style is passive. I completely agree that I am a passive reader. I do not like to read for fun or for enjoyment. I have always been a good reader for my classes so I have never worried about reading out of pure enjoyment. I believe reading is very important to my college career. If you can’t read then you will have more problems trying to get through college. I believe that my reading style could change a little bit. I could possibly start to read a little more or start reading a book just to read it. Another thing I believe could change is that I could take some notes while reading. Especially if it is for school I could take notes on a chapter while reading instead of just reading it straight through. Most of the time I only read when I need to for school but I do not have a problem with reading when I am in school. I do not have problems reading or reading out loud, I just do not like to read for enjoyment. I like to read what I need to in order to get by. If I do not need to read it, then I normally do not. If I read something that I am not interested in then I tend to let my mind wander. But if I am interested in it then I normally pay attention to it. I believe reading is very important but I don’t think you need to do it all the time if you do not like to read for enjoyment.

  3. I believe there is room for improvement in my reading style in general starting with the desire to just read. I only read when it is beneficial to me only taking notes when needed and only looking up words I can’t figure out with context clues. Overall, I’ve always had a way with words and a love for language in general. I’ve prided myself in my vocabulary and vernacular since a young age. I was always the kid who wanted to win the spelling bees in middle school. Fast forward to today, when approaching advanced subjects I use my base knowledge and my reading comprehension to basically cut corners. Not taking notes all the time or highlighting main ideas I have a way of memorizing most of them. I would greatly benefit by taking such measures though, to fill in the blanks taking me from that “B” or high “C” student, to a straight “A” student. I read sometimes on subjects that I’m interested in on my own but, take little time to exercise my brain and just read. I could attribute this to laziness, at the same time though I do practice my literary skills when writing, and interpreting media messages from some of my favorites. Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, even musicians such as Jay-Z, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, and so many others use upper level thinking in their messages. While these strengths do help, eliminating outside distractions, taking notes, and setting reading goals would boost my learning potential exponentially. I love learning new words so when I can’t figure out something with context clues, I will look it up, because there is are always synonyms, but the effect of using arduous words sometimes is priceless. In taking media classes though, most of it is written at a sixth grade reading level. Balancing the two is a good exercise and way to expand general knowledge in general. Overall, I can use the steps mentioned, such as note taking, concentration and goal setting to my advantage. I'm a passive reader by the way.

  4. I love to read! My reading style is very active. My favor hobby is reading. However I have gotten where I read fast, too fast in fact. I run into the problem when reading tests that say “which is not the best”, and I might really read, “Which is of the things. “ I read all the Harry Potter books in a three day weekend. My problem now is that I have decided to be a nurse. With that comes lots and lots of science. I am not a science person. I do not understand the vocabulary. The concepts are foreign. AWWW! It is like starting over in life again. In fact, it is starting over in my education and my career. I prefer the social science stuff for fun. Biology is not fun. It is interesting. I am learning a bunch. But, I am going back to looking up words, rereading, making lots of notes, and being challenged to change, or revisit my beginning habits.
    My youngest child is a high school senior. I am the mom who helps all their friends with homework. I can do calculus! My reading comprehension test when I began was a 98%. I took todays quiz and obviously did not read the question and got only an 80%. I am very disappointed in myself. It really hit hard for me to pay more attention. I am struggling in Biology. I hate that this is so hard.
    So my reality is that I have learned, or I am trying to learn, patience and understanding. I need to get into our topics discussed in this chapter. I will do the things I once did. I will do better. I know they work. I will need to do them for myself. It is amazing to me how wonderful the things are I have learned. I am excited about the things I will learn. My reading style in school is now more passive, but I must change it to active.

  5. I learned that I am an active reader. When I read something I just feel like I am there in the moment with the characters. When I am reading a book I just can see it all happening in my head and if there is a lot of action I have to keep reading to see what will happen to the characters in the future chapters. I usually do not like to read unless I have people tell me to read or check out a book. My favorite book I read I was forced to read and it was called Alex Steel. It was about a CIA operative that was double crossed by America and since he knew the country’s secrets they wanted to kill him. While I read that book I fell in love with reading. Ever since then I love reading action books and horror books also. Reading not only helps you escape reality but it also makes your vocabulary better also. While I read books I would see words I never saw before and I would look them up and be fascinated by some of their definitions. In all, I am glad that I am an active reader and I hope I can continue to read great books throughout my life.

  6. I am an active reader. I enjoy reading, and I've always read for fun, especially when I was younger. Most of the time when I’m reading I play the story out in my head, I can envision what the characters look like and what happens. But I have room for improvement. If I come across a word I don't know, then I won't just pull out a dictionary and look it up. The only way I'll look to see what the word means, is if it's in the margins of the material. I can also sometimes read too fast and miss a word or two, so I have to go back and reread the sentence or paragraph. Sometimes to slow myself down, I follow my finger or a pen or something of the sort. Occasionally, my mind can wonder if what I’m reading is not that interesting to me. My reading style will be helpful to my college career because it’s not hard for me to become engaged in the material I’m reading. I can fully understand what I’m reading and what’s going on.

  7. I am a passive reader. I do not enjoy reading and I never really have. I am an extremely outdoorsy person and the more I can be outside the better so I really don’t have the need to stay inside and read. I will be the first one to admit that I need to read more and I am going to start making some changes so that I will read more whether it is a magazine, book, newspaper, or even a textbook for school.
    I really need to start reading my books for school. Not only will it help me with my reading skills but also with my grades in school. It will help me do better in class and on tests that we have in class. It will help me get a better understanding of what all is going on in the chapters that we go over in class. It would be best if I read the chapter all the way through before and after the lecture to really take in what I need.
    Another reading step I will take is to read things that would apply to me like hunting and fishing magazines and also horse riding magazines. Every day is not suitable to be outside and sometimes I do have time where I have to be inside. I enjoy writing music but I could take this time to read. I could also incorporate reading and writing together but studying different topics that I could possibly write a song about.
    There is a lot of room for improvement in my reading. I can almost guarantee that I will never be an active reader but I believe that I could improve and get closer to being an active reader.

  8. Cassandra L Wilson
    Dr. Heath
    College Skills 103-83
    November 19, 2012

    My reading style is active. I love reading and I read all the time. The problem that I have when I read is that I don’t retain the information for very long. I don’t know why this is true but now I know about my reading style. After reading chapter eight, I know how I can improve my reading style.
    The first thing that I need to do is stop answering my cell phone, every time it rings. My friends and family know that I am going to school but they call me for petty stuff anyway. So I am going to start turning my phone off until reading and studying time is over. I know that this might seem harsh but I must stay focused on my school work.
    Then, I need to stop watching TV, while trying to read. I will start reading and then see a TV show on and stop reading. The problem with that is I have to watch the show until the end. So from now on I am not going to watch TV while I am reading and I am going to sell my TV. I know that seems drastic but I am going to lose anything that is distracting me from learning.
    Next, I need to stop being around allot of people talking while I am reading. I didn’t realize how much this affected my reading until I was at my sister’s house. At my house it is rather noisy but my sister house was totally quiet. I got some much more done and completed in one day verses being at home and taking a week on one project. So, for four days a week I am going to my sister house to read and study.
    Finally, I know once I rectify all my distractions that my reading style will improve. I am going to prove to myself that I can be a better reader. I already read allot but now that I know how to retain the information; I am going to excel in everything I do. Being a good really affects all aspects of my daily life and I want to always exceed expectations at everything that I do.

  9. I am a passive reader. I do not read like I should and like I use too. I do read to my son though because he loves for people to read to him all the time and we both get a joy out of reading his stories. I am a passive reader and I know I can change that it just seem like I have so much on my agenda right now. I need to set a goal for myself to read at least a chapter a day or a magazine. I know reading is a good habit to have and I need to develop that habit. When I have reading assignments for school I should not read through my reading assignments fast. When it is time to complete and assignment I should read slowly and put more time into the assignment. Also, when I read I just read and then try to remember key points and I think if I develop the habit of taking notes while I read it would be much better. I will focus on reading more along with continuing to read my son as well.

  10. * This is for the assignment due on November 26th. I am unable and very unsure of what to do. I have always been able to find an entry point for our class blogs. Not today I am afraid. I have to work tonight and do not know if I will be get online again to repost this in its proper place.

    I am an Action-Oriented Listener. I really seem to prefer the Outline technique. Maybe this has been taught to and used for so many years. I have tried others this week, and I have to say, AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! The mapping system I thought maybe that would be very good for me. I love to paint and draw. So I found that that my map turned into aliens with many eyes and space weapons. Oh my! It has kind of fun to try something else just to see. Maybe if I continued to be diligent about one of the other methods they would be better. Maybe I will be able to remember what my aliens have taught me. I have rewritten my notes. I am sure that will probably cinch was written more than any one thing. I did pay more attention when mapping. Maybe I should stick with that, then rewrite. This class has been a pleasure to “explore” myself with new ideas.

  11. I am an active reader. I enjoy reading a lot and doing it often in my spare time. I tend to read too fast and skip words and sometimes sentences. I’ve learned that I need to slow down and take my time to really absorb the entire book. Reading can be very fun and useful for gaining knowledge. I love to read action books. My favorite author is Darren Shan; I am obsessed with his writing. He truly gets me into his writing like I am in the story the entire time. Sometimes even in the middle of a good book your mind can wonder. To prevent reading for nothing, you can take a short break and playback everything you have read to that point in your head. I have found that it is very effective. To do better on tests I will slow my reading and absorb everything I am reading, and re-read if necessary.

  12. I am a passive reader. Reading is not something I would chose to do, althuogh I do find myself doing it in my everyday activities. Reading can be interesting to me as long as it is something I am interested in. It is very useful when reaching out to gain knowledge I have found. As I am so busy with work I try to read at night some, and I have started to get into the habit of picking something up and reading. Hopefully I will become more of an active reader as I grow with texts that interests me.

  13. I am an active reader because i do enjoy reading, I do look for deeper meanings of the words and phrases, I also love spending time in the dictionary so I am always looking up words that I do not understand. I really don't believe there is anything I need to change. I love to read for pleasure and because I love to read it helps me in my schoolwork. Also if you read things thoroughly it will also help you in the work place. Most jobs have instructions or steps that need to be taken and therefore being an active reader is a great attribute to have.